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Name                                   RNDr. Rudolf Bauer, PhD.
Address                               Kremnická 10, 040 11 Košice, Slovakia
Phone                                  +421 948 151 150
Mail                                      rudbau@gmail.com
Date of birth                       September 28, 1957
Nationality                          Slovak
Marital status                     married, 3 children


  • 1975 – 1981    P.J. Šafárik University Košice, Faculty of Natural Science, mathematics
  • 1993               City University Bratislava, Effective Manager Course
  • 1994               Study tour in Public sector in the USA, 6 weeks
  • 1997               Course How to improve Public Service Performance at the University of Birmingham, Great Britain, 3 months
  • 2006 – 2010    Technical University Košice, Finances in Regional Development, PhD Study

Work experience

1981-1985      Inžinierske stavby Košice – software engineering
1985-1991      INORGA Košice – analytical work, software projects for corporate sector
1991-1992      Vice-Mayor of the City of Košice
1993-1994     Mayor of the City of Košice
1994-1998     Vice-Mayor of the City of Košice
1998-2001    Member of Slovak Parliament
2001-2005  Governor of Košice region, Head of the Slovak delegation in the Committee of the Regions EU
2005-2010   Project manager in the Carpathian Development Institute, Košice -consultation and analytical work, project design management, research, preparation of development plans, education and training
2006-2010  Member of Slovak Parliament
2010              Manager responsible for investment projects Košice 2013 – European Capital of Culture
2009-2014    Vice-chairman of CESCI Budapest
2011- 2014     Mayor of the city ward Košice-West
2015-             director of CESCI-Carpathia, c.a.

  • Consultation and research analytical work in the regional development area
  • Development audit of the City of Košice Preparedness for Development thru Carpathian Development Institute,
  • Preparation of development plans for local and regional government in Slovakia:
  • POKER – development plan for Eastern Slovakia,
  • development plans for towns:
    • Michalovce,
    • Krompachy,
    • Strážske
    • Sliač
    • Tornaľa
  • Development plan for the city of Košice
  • Project Good governance on the regional level in the area of regional development in Slovakia – Governance; main aim: to improve quality of regional governance in the area of development; financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism
  • Provision of education and training for both elected and executive representatives in the local and regional level thru URBI in 1994 – 2000 and thru CDI in 2005 – 2009
  • Project design management
  • Consultant for Council of Europe DG II – Democracy, Regionalisation administrative reform in Romania, 2013
  • Cooperation with DG REGIO in the appraisal, implementation and monitoring of cohesion policy interventions 2014-2020


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Additional information

Mother tongue           Slovak
Other language:
English                        Understanding: C2, Speaking: C1, Writing: C1
Hobbies                       mountain cycling, swimming, literature, garden