Promotion of legal accessibility across the Slovak-Hungarian border – #ACCESS

is a strategic project of the INTERREG Hungary – Slovakia program, priority axis PA3 – Institutional cooperation, Specific objective SO3.1 Strengthening more effective public administration by means of rights and administrative cooperation, activity 3.1.1 – Elimination of cross-border obstacles.

Main partner: CESCI Budapest

Partner: CESCI – Carpathia Košice

Project budget: €1,752,297

Start and duration of the project: May 1, 2023, 72 months

The aim of the project is the systematic management of the legal and administrative obstacles on the Slovak-Hungarian border. Project implementation has three parts:

  • Monitoring of obstacles – consultations with stakeholders, legal analyses
  • Management of obstacles – expert groups, identification of good practice, proposal of solutions
  • Promotion – information portal, three international conferences, final publications, sensitization campaign

Narrow-gauge railways as unique gateways to the knowledge of natural and cultural heritage – NatGate

Program INTERREG V-A Slovakia-Hungary
Project budget: €409,590, of which DŽK €205,120

Lead partner: Children’s Railway Košice

Partner: Nagyborszóny municipality (owns Nagybörzsönyi Erdei Vasút railway)

The project is aimed at the further development of both narrow-gauge railways.

Among the main investment activities of Detská železnice Košice are, for example, the repair of the historical steam locomotive Katka, the repair of selected critical sections of the track and bridges, the delivery of two new summer carriages for passengers and the restoration of the bodywork of the electric locomotive on display.

Joint film:

The last event in Košice, 29 October 2022, new summer wagons were put into service

Narrow-gauge railways as attractions and gateways to natureRailGate.

It is a Slovak-Hungarian project for the restoration of two neighboring narrow-gauge railways – the Košice Children’s Historic Railway (KDHŽ) and the railway in Miškolec – Lillafüredi Állami Erdei Vasút (LÁEV), which share a similar fate and problems. In Košice, it was the completion of the station building, the reconstruction of the track, or the repair of two locomotives. In Miškolec, one station was renovated and a completely new passenger car was put into operation.

The joint project of the Košice Children’s Railway and the narrow-gauge railway in Miškolec received a financial injection from the Interreg international grant program in the amount of €577,929.38.

Lillafuredi kisvasut_160715-108_Csanyik-Erdei Iskola utan
Palhazi kisvasut_170819-022_Kemencepatak alatt

The Carpathian Euroregion project was the first one established after the fall of the iron curtain in Central Europe.