Main objectives of the association are:

  • to support of economic, social and territorial cohesion focusing on border regions in the Central Europe (art. 174 of the Treaty on the European union);
  • to support of economic, social, cultural and environmental cooperation between Slovakia and her neighbor states and assist in local and regional development of border regions in the territory;
  • to assist in developing of cross-border, trans-national and inter-regional cooperation in the area of regional development in order to sustainable development of the regions (§ 3, art. 2 k) of the Act n. 539/2008) with special focus on minorities living in the Central Europe.
Our history
CESCI-Carpathia was transformed from URBI, a civic association in 2015. URBI was established in 1997 and during several years organized seminars about local and regional development in Slovakia for elected and executive representatives of local and regional self-government in Slovakia.
The Carpathian Euroregion project
The Carpathian Euroregion project was the first one, which was established after the fall of the Iron Curtain in Central Europe.
Plans of development

The development programme of the town Sliač

The development programmme of the town Tornaľa